South Africa vs Sri Lanka 1st T20I at Centurion, 20 Jan, 2017

Toss: Sri Lanka,who chose to bowi
South Africa 126/5 (10)
Sri Lanka 107/6 (10)
South Africa won by 19 runs
Man of the Match: Lungi Ngidi
  • Asela Gunaratne 10 * (6)
  • Dinesh Chandimal 6 * (5)

Over 2.3 RAS Lakmal bowls a good length delivery to JJ Smuts, Six!! Gives himself room outside off and goes thwack over cover, ably helped by Lakmal's length

Over 2.5 RAS Lakmal bowls it short of length to Theunis de Bruyn, Six!! Rocks back in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep mid-wicket and the ball went over the ropes.

Over 4.3 Seekkuge Prasanna bowls a tossed up delivery to DA Miller, Six!! Goes down on his knee and plays a slog sweep over long on for a maximum.

Over 7.3 AD Mathews bowls a pitched up delivery to DA Miller, Six!! Came down the track and slogs it over long-on for maximum.

Over 8.3KMDNKulasekara to DA Miller Sixer! ...

Over 8.6KMDNKulasekara to MangalisoMosehleSixer! ...

Over 9.3NuwanPradeep to FarhaanBehardienSixer! ...