Punjab XI vs Chennai XI 53rd T20 at Mohali, 16 May, 2015

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bat first
Punjab XI 130/7 (20)
Chennai XI 134/3 (16.5)
Chennai Super Kings won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Pawan Negi
  • MS Dhoni 25 * (16)
  • Suresh Raina 41 * (34)

Over 0.6 Pawan Negi bowls a tossed up delivery to Manan Vohra, no runs, gets forward and works it towards mid-on.

Over 1.4 I Pandey bowls a good length delivery to Manan Vohra, 1 run, gets forward and taps it on the off-side and picks up another single.

Over 2.3 Pawan Negi bowls a tossed up delivery to Manan Vohra, 1 run, goes on to the back foot and works it away on the on-side and picks up a single.

Over 3.4 I Pandey bowls it short of length to Manan Vohra, no runs, gets on top of the bounce and punches it straight to the man at backward-point.

Over 3.5 I Pandey bowls a slower one to Manan Vohra, no runs, gets forward and pokes at it and the ball beats the outside edge of the bat. 

Over 3.6 I Pandey bowls a pitched up delivery to Manan Vohra, 2 runs, gets forward and slices it uppishly down to third-man and picks up couple of runs.

Over 5.1 I Pandey to Manan Vohra, out Caught by Nehra!! It was on a length and well outside off, Vohra goes hard on the lofted drive and gets a thick outside edge and goes towards Nehra at third-man and he takes an easy catch.