Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Sixers 26th Match at Sydney, 14 Jan, 2015

Toss: Adelaide Strikers, who chose to bat first
Adelaide Strikers 182/6 (20)
Sydney Sixers 159/10 (19.4)
Adelaide Strikers won by 23 runs
Man of the Match: J Botha
  • Nathan Lyon 3 * (4)

Over 4.3KW Richardson to MJLumbHe is Caught ...

Over 5.5 B Laughlin to Nic Maddinson, out Caught by Head!! The slower ball does it for Laughlin. Maddinson wound up for a big one over cover, but sliced it straight up, Head at cover went back a little and took an easy catch. Maddinson c Head b B Laughlin 18(14) 

Over 9.5SW Tait bowls short of length delivery to MC Henriques, and he is caught by the fielder in the infield.He is Caught

Over 10.6 Adam Zampa to Riki Wessels,  out Caught by ten Doeschate!! Another batsman falls today on the slog sweep, dipped on Wessels who top-edged it, ten Do came forward and then went back at deep square to catch that. Wessels c ten Doeschate b Zampa 15(20)

Over 11.6 SW Tait to RGL Carters, out Lbw!! Slowly the finger raises to send Carters back. Tailed back in and it would've missed leg as Carters is rapped low on the pads. Carters lbw b Tait 1(5)

Over 12.5 J Botha to Sean Abbott, out Caught by Kane Richardson!! Abbott had to go for the big one and could only drill it straight to the fielder at long-on. Comfortable take too for Kane. Abbott c Kane Richardson b J Botha 2(4)

Over 15.2 J Botha to SJN O'Keefe,  out Bowled!! O'Keefe tries something fancy and gets out. Went for the reverse sweep, it brushes the glove and then falls on the stumps. O'Keefe b J Botha 5(5)

Over 16.2 KW Richardson to B Lee, out Caught by Zampa!! Lee slices one to point. It was full and Lee didn't get under it. Zampa takes a dolly. Richardson gets another one. B Lee c Zampa b Kane Richardson 7(4) 

Over 19.3 B Laughlin to Jordan Silk, out Jordan Silk Run Out!! Jordan Silk run out (B Laughlin) 67(34) 

Over 19.4 B Laughlin to DE Bollinger, out Bollinger Run Out!! 1 run completed.It was blasted to long-on and the fielder was quick to relay the ball back to Laughlin, Bollinger was looking for the second and was very late in getting back.Bollinger run out (B Laughlin/Ludeman) 0(0)