India vs South Africa 3rd ODI at Cape Town, 23 Jan, 2022

Toss: India, who chose to bowl
South Africa 287/10 (49.5)
India 283/10 (49.2)
South Africa won by 4 runs
Man of the Match: Quinton de Kock

    Over 4.1 Lungi Ngidi bowls a good length delivery to Lokesh Rahul,  out Caught by Janneman Malan!! Rahul pushes at it away from his body and gets a thick outside edge that's been gobbled up at first slip. Malan crouches low to take a safe catch.  

    Over 22.2: He is Caught. Andile Phehlukwayo to Virat Kohli,

    Over 22.6: He is Caught. Andile Phehlukwayo to Virat Kohli,

    Over 31.4 Keshav Maharaj tossed up delivery to Virat Kohli, out Caught by Bavuma!! Kohli spots it and tries to work it into the on-side off the back foot. However, the ball holds onto the pitch and that leads to his downfall. Pops up in the air off the leading edge and Bavuma runs back from cover to takes it. 

    Over 37.1 Sisanda Magala bowls a good length delivery to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Phehlukwayo!! Shreyas Iyer gets inside the line to hook/pull and picks out the man in the deep. Phehlukwayo was a few inches in front of the boundary rope and he jumped to catch that in front of his face.

    Over 39.5 Dwaine Pretorius bowls a good length delivery to Suryakumar Yadav, out Caught by Bavuma!! Suryakumar Yadav wants to whip this fullish ball away over the leg-side after a shuffle but is done in by the lack of pace. The ball balloons up off the leading edge and it's a dolly for captain Bavuma at mid-off

    Over 42.1 Lungi Ngidi bowls a good length delivery to Jayant Yadav, out Caught by Bavuma!!  Yadav wants to loft it over mid-off but he fails to clear the infield. Miscues it straight to Bavuma.

    Over 47.1 Lungi Ngidi bowls a good length delivery to Deepak Chahar, out Caught by Pretorius!! Chahar's early through it and chips it up in the air. Taken very well by Pretorius who runs across from point and dives to his right.

    Over 48.3 Andile Phehlukwayo bowls a slower one to Jasprit Bumrah, out Caught by Bavuma!! Bumrah looks for the boundary but finds the fielder at mid-off. 

    Over 49.2 Dwaine Pretorius bowls a good length delivery to Yuzvendra Chahal, out Caught by Miller!! Chahal went for the pull. Goes off a thick top-edge in the air, simple catch to Miller in the ring