How can Indians Ensure that they Choose a Safe Sports Betting Platform?

Published on: Jan 06, 2022

Sports betting is something everyone has been taking an interest in recently. Especially since the lockdown, more people have gotten into online sports bettings and have gained a lot of profit. There are a lot of benefits to participating in online bettings, yet people hesitate to do so? Why? Because people are afraid of frauds and scams. The solution to this problem is only one- choosing the right website. How does one do that? In this article, we cover how Indians can ensure that they choose a safe sports betting online platform.

Looking for signs

You will never get scammed if you are being attentive on betting sites. Being attentive means looking for all the signs which signify that the website is safe and secure to proceed with.

  • Always look for a padlock sign on the left side of the URL of the website. The padlock sign signifies three things-

1.The site is secured, and no one can steal your data or your personal information. You can ensure that not even the site is going to use your personal information in any inappropriate manner.

2.The site is free of any malicious programs such as viruses, malware & trojans.

3.The site has been licensed by a reputable organization and is hence safe and secure

  • Scroll down to the end of the webpage and look for the licenses that have been issued to the website. If the website has been licensed by a reputable organization it is safe
  • The payment options that are provided on the website must be renowned and reputable.

Is it safe to use bonus codes or coupons?

If you are not being attentive to the activities that take place over the internet, nothing is ever safe. So, the only way to ensure your safety on the internet is to stay alert and not make impulsive decisions. However, using bonus codes and coupons can be safe, again, if you use the right website. Choosing the right website for bonus codes also has the same procedures as that for the sports bettings sites.

Do not do this to ensure safety on sports betting sites

Even after having chosen the right website, people are most likely to take bait and fall prey to a scam or fraud. To avoid that situation, here are some DO NOTS that you must follow if you want to stay safe on online sports betting sites.

1.Never agree to the terms & conditions section of the website if you haven’t read each word thoroughly and carefully. Once you are done reading it fully, only then must you proceed further.

2. Your passwords should never match other accounts’ passwords. Common passwords are easy to crack hence putting you in a vulnerable position.

3.Online sports bettings sites might contain some suspicious links; never click on them even if they tempt you to do so by promising to give you something in return. Nothing in this world ever comes for free, and hence you must stick to just the bettings and what you are familiar with on the website to ensure security.