Rohit Sharma slams Chennai pitch critics, says everyone uses home advantage

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Published on: Feb 22, 2021

Indian opener Rohit Sharma hit out at critics of the pitch for the second Test against England in Chennai, stating that surfaces have been prepared in the same manner in India for many years now. According to Rohit, there is no reason for that to change. He pointed out that every team uses the home advantage so there is no logic in people criticizing India for doing the same.

Rohit scored a brilliant 161 on the opening day of the second Test while Ravichandran Ashwin hit a century in the second innings. In a video tweeted by BCCI, Rohit explained, “Pitch remains same for both teams, I don't know why this discussion happens so much. Pitches in India are being prepared in the same manner for many years now. I don't think there have been any changes in that regard or there should be any changes.”

Michael Vaughan and Mark Waugh were among those who expressed disappointed with the strip at Chepauk for the second Test. Reacting to the criticism, the opener said that nobody prepares pitches keeping India in mind when they tour abroad.

He further said, "Every team makes full use of their home advantage. When we go out, the same happens there as well, they don't think about us. So, why should we think about anyone. What we like and what is our team's preference, we should do that... this is what home or away advantage is all about. Otherwise, take out the home and away advantage away and play cricket without it. Tell ICC to make a rule, setting identical norms for pitches in India and outside.”

According to Rohit, debating what kind of pitch is on offer makes little sense. He felt that it would be better if analysis of player performances take place.

"When we travel overseas, they also make life difficult for us. So, I don't think we should discuss much about the pitches and instead talk about the game and players. Discussion about how a player is batting or how a bowler is bowling are completely fine but not pitches because conditions remain same for both teams and whoever plays the best will win," he went on to add.

The third India-England Test will be held in Ahmedabad from February 24. This will be the first pink-ball Test between the two countries, and will be played at the largest cricket stadium in the world - Motera Stadium.

--By A Cricket Correspondent

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