Scotland vs West Indies 3rd Match at Hobart, 17 Oct, 2022

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl
Scotland 160/5 (20)
West Indies 118/10 (18.3)
Scotland won by 42 runs
Man of the Match: George Munsey
  • Obed McCoy 1 * (2)

Over 16.3 Mark Watt tossed up delivery to Obed McCoy,1 run, gets forward and drives it to deep cover and picks a single.

Over 16.6 Mark Watt bowls a quicker arm ball to Obed McCoy, no run, gets forward and blocks it down the pitch back to the bowler.

Over 18.2 Safyaan Sharif bowls a slower one to Obed McCoy,1 run, gets forward and  looks to slog, gets an outside edge that goes on the bounce to third man