India vs West Indies 2nd ODI at Ahmedabad, 09 Feb, 2022

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bowl
India 237/9 (50)
West Indies 193/10 (46)
India won by 44 runs
Man of the Match: Prasidh Krishna

    Over 45.1 Prasidh Krishna bowls a good length delivery to KAJ Roach, no run, gets forward and  taps it down into the off-side with soft hands

    Over 45.2 Prasidh Krishna bowls a back of length delivery to KAJ Roach, no run, stays on the back foot and defends it out into the off-side

    Over 45.3 Prasidh Krishna bowls a good length delivery to KAJ Roach, no run, comes on to the front foot and defends it with a straight bat.

    Over 45.4 Prasidh Krishna bangs it short onto the pitch to KAJ Roach, no run, stays deep inside the crease and ducks under it to sways away from the bouncer.

    Over 45.5 Prasidh Krishna bowls a good length delivery to KAJ Roach, no run, hangs back to push it back to the bowler

    India won by 44 runs and lead the series with 2-0

    Nic Pooran (WI): With the bat, we didn't build partnerships. We kept losing wickets at regular intervals. In the 39th over, we lost Fabian first and then Hosein. We need to continue to be aggressive. Pollard is a tough and big guy. Smith is a strong guy. He is a little inexperienced but sky is the limit for him. We did a good job with the ball and hopefully, we can do the same in the final game. And also do better with the bat.

    Rohit Sharma (IND): Obviously winning the series is a good feeling. There were some challenges. The partnership between Rahul and Surya had a lot of maturity. We got to a respectable total in the end. We knew we could fight it out. The entire unit came out and bowled superbly. It is important for these guys to bat under pressure and that is how you will judge their character. Surya had to take his time and understand what the team wants from him. KL also batted superbly as he is consistently up and down in the order. I have been asked to try something different. We wanted to try it one game. Shikhar should be back for the next game. We don't mind losing a few games trying out a few things. Because it is important to look at the long-term goals.We will see what works out well for the team combination. I was a little surprised to see no due. I have never seen a spell like that in India for a long time now. Bowled with a lot of pace and kept it going. The others complimented him. When you have five bowlers and Deepak being sixth, you always need to keep rotating the bowlers.

    Prasidh Krishna ( MOM): I have been striving hard to do this for a long time. So, I am very happy that we won. I was still looking to hit the good areas. When I came in to bat, I knew it was still seaming. I would have laughed it off (If someone would have told him he would finish with the figures he ended with today). I had seen the wicket in the last game. Experimenting wasn't possible as there was not much to defend. So, I stuck to good lines. Be as consistent as possible. The white-ball cricket is a power game.