India vs New Zealand 1st T20I at Jaipur, 17 Nov, 2021

Toss: India, who chose to bowl
New Zealand 164/6 (20)
India 166/5 (19.4)
India won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Suryakumar Yadav
  • Rishabh Pant 17 * (17)
  • Axar Patel 1 * (1)

Over 18.4 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls it short of length to Mitchell Santner, no run, stands tall and knocks this to cover

Over 18.5 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Mitchell Santner, 2 runs, gets forward and heaved away to wide long-on and picks up a couple of runs.

Over 18.6 Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls a good length delivery to Mitchell Santner,1 run, backs away in the crease and swatted through the on-side to end the over with a single. 

Over 19.1 Mohammed Siraj bowls a pitched up delivery to Mitchell Santner, no run, gets forward and smashes it straight bac k to the bowler.

Over 19.5 Mohammed Siraj bowls a good length delivery to Rachin Ravindra,  out Bowled!! Ravindra swings and misses. The leg-stump goes for a walk