Bangladesh vs England 20th Match at Abu Dhabi, 27 Oct, 2021

Toss: Bangladesh , who chose to bat
Bangladesh 124/9 (20)
England 126/2 (14.1)
England won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Jason Roy
  • Jonny Bairstow 8 * (4)
  • Dawid Malan 28 * (25)

Over 2.4: Sixer!. Shakib Al Hasan to Jos Buttler,

Over 6.3 Mahedi Hasan tossed up delivery to Jason Roy,Six! Came down the track and slammed it down the ground. The ball went really high and long enough. Only just as the man at long-on leaped up and parried it over

Over 11.4 Nasum Ahmed tossed up delivery to Jason Roy, Six! Gets under the ball and smokes it over long-off and brings up his 50 with a six.

Over 12.2 Shoriful Islam bowls it short of length to Jason Roy, Six! Walking across and then help yourself shot. More of a paddle and that went all the way