England vs West Indies 14tth Match at Dubai, 23 Oct, 2021

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
West Indies 55/10 (14.2)
England 56/4 (8.2)
England won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Eoin Morgan 7 * (7)
  • Jos Buttler 24 * (22)

Over 1.3 Chris Woakes bowls a good length delivery to Evin Lewis, out Caught by Moeen Ali!!  Lovely piece of slower delivery in the slot from Woakes, Lewis thought he could thump it down the ground, but it took the bottom of the bat. Brilliantly judged grab 

Over 2.2 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Lendl Simmons, out Caught by Livingstone!! Simmons steps out to slog this straight to the fielder who didn't hit to move an inch. Who said offies can't succeed against right-handers as thought to be these days? Look at Mo. He keeps things very simple, no slingly or funky stuff. 

Over 4.4 Moeen Ali tossed up delivery to Shimron Hetmyer, out Caught by Morgan!!  Hetmyer was caught on the crease a bit, but he went through without a proper base and mishit for an easy grab at mid-on

Over 5.6 Tymal Mills bowls a good length delivery to CH Gayle, out Caught by Malan!! Gayle could nail the pull shot, but top-edged this high over mid-wicket. The fielder moves back and takes a good catch.

Over 7.2 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Dwayne Bravo, out Caught by Bairstow!! Bravo wanted another hit past point, but he picked out the fielder. Can't believe his luck. Lovely technique from Bairstow to stay low.

Over 8.5 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to Nicholas Pooran, out Caught by Buttler!! Just a gentle full, drive me through cover ball from Tymal Mills, Pooran does try but only nicks off. Buttler gently throws the ball in the air.

Over 10.1 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Andre Russell, out Bowled!!  Russell prods forward and plays for the turn, leaving a gap between bat and pad for the ball to sneak through, crashes into the middle stump.

Over 12.1 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Kieron Pollard, out Caught by Bairstow!! Just tossed it up and invited the big hit, the Pollard took the bait and went for the loft, miscued to long-on and Bairstow takes it calmly

Over 12.2 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to Obed McCoy, out Caught by Roy!!  McCoy decides he still has it in him to clear the field. No, he doesn't. Rashid is a smart operator, dragged the length back a bit and induced the mistimed loft, simple catch at long-on

Over 14.2 Adil Rashid tossed up delivery to R Rampaul, out Bowled!!  Rampaul went for the slog sweep, missed it completely and the ball crashes into the stumps.