Chennai XI vs Kolkata XI 38th Match at Abu Dhabi, 26 Sep, 2021

Toss: Kolkata , who chose to bat
Kolkata XI 171/6 (20)
Chennai XI 172/8 (20)
Chennai Super Kings won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: Ravindra Jadeja

    Over 4.1 Sunil Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to Ruturaj Gaikwad, 2 runs, gets uses his feet nicely and despite not being to the pitch, he's able to clip it wide of long-on

    Over 4.2 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad, Boundary! Gets forward and  goes through with the lofted drive over mid-off and it's come off nicely for Gaikwad! Some form he's in to be able to execute that

    Over 4.3 Sunil Narine bowls it short of length to Ruturaj Gaikwad, no run, gets back in the crease and  cuts this to point

    Over 4.4 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad,Six! Coming down the track. He's closer to the length of the ball than he was on the previous occasion, and all he does is ease into the shot over mid-off.

    Over 4.5 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad,1 run, gets forward and works it through mid-wicket for a single.

    Over 4.6 Sunil Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to Ruturaj Gaikwad,1 run, goes deep inside the crease and nudges it through midwicket

    Over 6.1 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad, no run, gets forward and punches it back to Narine

    Over 6.2 Sunil Narine bowls it short of length to Ruturaj Gaikwad, Boundary! Rocked back to pull it flat over wide long-on for four.

    Over 6.3 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad,1 run, gets forward and pushed down to long-off

    Over 6.4 Sunil Narine bowls it short of length to Faf du Plessis,1 run, stays deep inside the crease and mistimes the pull wide of short fine

    Over 6.5 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ruturaj Gaikwad,1 run, dances down and drives to long-off

    Over 6.6 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Faf du Plessis, 2 runs, gets forward and clips it in the gap through square leg as Narine pushes it flat on leg, back for a couple of runs

    Over 14.1 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to AT Rayudu, Boundary! Comes down the track and goes inside out over extra cover for four.

    Over 14.2 Sunil Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to AT Rayudu, out Bowled!!  Rayudu swung blindly through the line and misses, the balll goes on to crash into the top of off-stump.

    Over 14.3 Sunil Narine bowls it short of length to Suresh Raina, Boundary! Rock back in the crease and pulls in front of square and beats the fielder in the deep comfortably

    Over 14.4 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Suresh Raina, 2 runs, gets waits on the backfoot and drives through extra cover,

    Over 14.5 Sunil Narine bowls it flat in the air to Suresh Raina,1 run, punches it towards cover and a fumble allows the single to be taken with ease

    Over 14.6 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Moeen Ali,1 run, gets forward and pushes it wide of cover for a single.

    Over 19.1 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Sam Curran, out Caught by (sub)K Nagarkoti! Takes a couple of steps down and lofts it towards long-off, no height to clear the fielder and Nagarkoti takes a good catch

    Over 19.2 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Shardul Thakur, no run, gets forward and tries to play through the line but the ball beats the outside edge of the bat. 

    Over 19.3 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Shardul Thakur, 3 runs, plants his front foot across and paddles it fine, long chase for Varun and he just manages to get there

    Over 19.4 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Ravindra Jadeja, no run, gets forward and misses the flick and the ball rolls back down the wicket

    Over 19.5 Sunil Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to Ravindra Jadeja, out LBW! Jadeja went for the sweep and missed, he's struck on the pad around off-stump and Sharma raised his finger. Ball-tracking showed the impact was umpire's call and the onfield decision

    Over 19.6 Sunil Narine tossed up delivery to Deepak Chahar,1 run, gets forward and heaves it over mid-wicket and picks up a single to win the match.

    Chennai Super Kings won by 2 wickets