Delhi XI vs Rajasthan XI 53rd Match at Delhi, 04 May, 2019

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bat
Rajasthan XI 115/9 (20)
Delhi XI 121/5 (16.1)
Delhi won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Amit Mishra
  • Axar Patel 1 * (1)
  • Rishabh Pant 53 * (38)

Over 3.1 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to Shikhar Dhawan,  out Caught by Riyan Parag!! Charged down the track, decided to launch it in the 'V' but gets it off the bottom part of the bat. Skies it up in the air and Parag from mid-on calls for it, keeps his eyes on the ball and cups it safely.

Over 3.2 Ish Sodhi bowls a quicker arm ball to Prithvi Shaw, out Bowled! Staying back in his crease. Goes hard away from the body and gets a thick inside edge which shatters back onto the stumps.

Over 7.3 Shreyas Gopal tossed up delivery to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught by Livingstone!

Over 13.4 Ish Sodhi tossed up delivery to CA Ingram, out Caught by Rahane!! Ingram tries to be cute, with a late fine sweep over the keeper. But in his pre-guessing, gets a little too early into it, resulting in a glove, popping up off his shoulder to a very-alert Rahane - at slip.

Over 15.2 Riyan Parag tossed up delivery to Sherfane Rutherford, out Caught by Livingstone!!