Hyderabad XI vs Chennai XI 33rd Match at Hyderabad, 17 Apr, 2019

Toss: Chennai, who chose to bat
Chennai XI 132/5 (20)
Hyderabad XI 137/4 (16.5)
Hyderabad won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: David Warner
  • YK Pathan 0 * (0)
  • Jonny Bairstow 61 * (43)

Over 10.2 Karn Sharma bowls it short of length to JM Bairstow, Six!! Swivels on the back foot and pulls it handsomely over deep mid for a sixer. 

Over 10.4 Karn Sharma tossed up delivery to JM Bairstow, Six!! Kneels down and slog sweeps it over the widish long-on region for a sixer. 

Over 16.5 Karn Sharma tossed up delivery to JM Bairstow,Six!! Come forward and then free up his hands to whip the tonk long. Gets the winning runs with a maximum.