Mumbai XI vs Bangalore XI 14th Match at Mumbai, 17 Apr, 2018

Toss: Bangalore XI, who chose to bowl first
Mumbai XI 213/6 (20)
Bangalore XI 167/8 (20)
Mumbai XI won by 46 runs
Man of the Match: Rohit Sharma
  • Mohammed Siraj 8 * (3)
  • Virat Kohli 92 * (62)

Over 11.5 Krunal Pandya bowls a quicker arm ball to Sarfaraz Khan, no runs, shuffles across on the back foot and tucks it towards mid wicket.

Over 11.6 Krunal Pandya bowls a tossed up delivery to Sarfaraz Khan, no runs, gets forward and drives it to the right of the bowler, who dives and stops the ball

Over 12.3 Jasprit Bumrah good length delivery to Sarfaraz Khan, 1 run, gets forward and  taps it softly towards backward point.

Over 12.5 Jasprit Bumrah good length delivery to Sarfaraz Khan, no runs, goes  down on one knee to scoop the ball and then he changes his mind and lets the ball pass.

Over 12.6 Jasprit Bumrah bowls it short of length to Sarfaraz Khan, Boundary! Goes deep in the crease and cuts it hard pass backward point and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 13.5 Mayank Markande bowls a tossed up delivery to Sarfaraz Khan, out Stumped!!  Sarfaraz Khan goes for an almighty swing, but Markande is clever enough to bowl this wide outside off stump and force the batsman to reach out, completely missed and Tare, the sub keeper, does the rest.