Mumbai XI vs Rising Pune Supergiants 28th Match at Mumbai, 24 Apr, 2017

Toss: Mumbai Indians, who chose to bowl
Rising Pune Supergiants 160/6 (20)
Mumbai XI 157/8 (20)
Rising Pune Supergiant won by 3 runs
Man of the Match: Ben Stokes
  • MG Johnson 0 * (0)
  • Harbhajan Singh 7 * (2)

Over 11.3 Imran Tahir bowls a tossed up delivery to Karn Sharma, Six!! Comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over long on for a maximum.

Over 13.3Imran Tahir to Rohit Sharma Sixer! ...

Over 15.2 Shardul Thakur bowls a good length delivery to Rohit Sharma, Six!! Comes down the track and watches it being deposited with a flat bat into the first floor over deep square leg

Over 19.2 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a good length delivery to Rohit Sharma, Six!! Goes well across the stumps and heaves it high and handsome over long on, the ball went all the way in to the crowd

Over 19.6 Jaydev Unadkat bowls it short of length to Harbhajan Singh, Six!! Shuffles across on the back foot and pulls it over deep midwicket for a maximum.