India vs New Zealand 1st ODI at Dharmasala, 16 Oct, 2016

Toss: India, who chose to bowl
New Zealand 190/10 (43.5)
India 194/4 (33.1)
India won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Hardik Pandya
  • Kedar Jadhav 10 * (12)
  • Virat Kohli 85 * (81)

Over 9.2 DAJ Bracewell bowls a good length delivery to Rohit Sharma, out Lbw!! Rohit was aiming for a heave across the line, plays down the wrong line and misses. The ball pings him on the back pad inof middle.Umpire raises the fingerl

Over 12.1 James Neesham bowls a good length delivery to AM Rahane, out Caught by Ronchi!!  Rahane goes after it and feeds an outside edge. Ronchi dives to his right and nestles it safely. An excellent catch as he flew and gobbled it almost close to first slip.

Over 19.3 Ish Sodhi bowls a tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey, out Caught by Williamson!

Over 28.4 Mitchell Santner bowls a tossed up delivery to MS Dhoni, out Dhoni Run Out!! Dhoni was looking to work it towards the on-side, closed the bat face slightly and missed, the ball rolled away off his pads towards cover. The momentum took him further down the track, Kohli responded to the single and then stopped. Dhoni was more than half-way down the track before being sent back. Guptill lobs a throw at the keeper.