Hong Kong vs Scotland 10th T20I at Nagpur, 12 Mar, 2016

Toss: Hong Kong, who chose to bat
Hong Kong 127/7 (20)
Scotland 78/2 (8)
Scotland won by 8 wickets(D/L method)
Man of the Match: Matt Machan
  • Matt Machan 15 * (4)
  • Kyle Coetzer 20 * (19)

Over 2.1 Gavin Main bowls a good length delivery to RJ Campbell,  out Caught by Davey!! Campbell slashes at a back of a length delivery outside off, his bottom hand comes off and he ends up slicing it in front of third man.

Over 5.2 JH Davey bowls a pitched up delivery to JJ Atkinsonout Caught and Bowled!!  Atkinson tries to fend it off. Davey rushes forward and dives to collect.

Over 6.2 Con de Lange bowls a good length delivery to Babar Hayat, out Caught by (sub)MacLeod!! Hayat looks to absolutely muscle the pull but can't get hold and holes out at deep mid-wicket.

Over 14.3 Matt Machan to AnshumanRathStumped out ...

Over 15.2Con de Lange to TanwirAfzalRunout at the striker end ...

Over 17.5 Mark Watt bowls a tossed up delivery to Mark Chapman, , out Caught by Coetzer!! 

Over 18.3  Matt Machan bowls a tossed up delivery to Nizakat Khan, out Caught by Gavin Main!!