Australia vs India 2nd Semi-Final at Sydney, 26 Mar, 2015

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 328/7 (50)
India 233/10 (46.5)
Australia won by 95 runs
Man of the Match: Steven Smith
  • Mohammed Shami 1 * (1)

Over 12.5 J Hazlewood to S Dhawan, out Caught by Maxwell!!  This was full and well outside off, Dhawan came down the track and was looking to go over extra cover, he ends up slicing it towards sweeper cover. Maxwell's the man in the deep, he doesn't drop those. Dhawan c Maxwell b Hazlewood 45(41) 

Over 15.3 MG Johnson to V Kohli, out Caught by Haddin!! This was banged in short and going across the right-hander, Kohli was looking for the pull, had to fetch it from well outside off, gets a top-edge. Haddin called for it, he didn't have to move across one bit, watches it come through from the night sky and gobbles it up. Kohli c Haddin b Johnson 1(13)

Over 17.6 MG Johnson to RG Sharma, out Bowled!! This was pitched up and held its line outside off, Rohit was pushing at that, gets an inside edge and the ball goes back to rattle the top of middle. Johnson is pumped u.. Rohit b Johnson 34(48)

Over 22.6 James Faulkner to SK Raina, out Caught by Haddin!! It was short of a length just outside off, Raina went for the glide down to third man, the edge flies to the left of Haddin, who dives and pouches it with both hands. Australia are running away with the game. Raina c Haddin b Faulkner 7(11)

Over 41.5 MG Johnson to MS Dhoni, out Ravindra Jadeja Run Out!! . Short of a length delivery outside off stump, Dhoni dabs it towards backward point, takes a step forward and then hesitates for while, but Jadeja was always going for the run and he was caught short by a brilliant direct-hit. Ravindra Jadeja run out (S Smith) 16(17) 

Over 44.3 Mitchell Starc to MS Dhoni, out Dhoni Run Out!! Dhoni makes the long walk back. Excellent throw from Maxwell. Again, he had only one stump to aim at and he was bang on target. Full and on the leg stump, Dhoni flicks it to mid-wicket, he gave up as Maxwell picked up the ball very quickly and in the end he was well short of his crease. Dhoni run out (Maxwell) 65(65)

Over 45.3 James Faulkner bowls a good length delivery to R Ashwin, 1 run, stays on the back foot and guides it to short third man.

Over 45.4 James Faulkner to R Ashwin, out Bowled!! Off-cutting slower ball from Faulkner, Ashwin backs away and tries to send it behind square on the off-side, but misses and the ball rattles into middle and off. Ashwin b Faulkner 5(13)

Over 45.5 James Faulkner to MM Sharma, out Bowled!! Excellent slower ball again from Faulkner. Mohit doesn't get behind the line as he looks to defend, he misses it completely and the ball crashes into off stump.  Mohit Sharma b Faulkner 0(1)

Over 46.5 Mitchell Starc to U Yadav, out Bowled! Starc signs off in style. Excellent reverse swinging yorker, Umesh tries to dig it out, but misses and the ball hits the base of middle and off. U Yadav b Starc 0(5)