Australia vs Sri Lanka 32nd Match at Sydney , 08 Mar, 2015

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat first
Australia 376/9 (50)
Sri Lanka 312/9 (46.2)
Australia won by 64 runs
Man of the Match: GJ Maxwell
  • Lasith Malinga 0 * (2)

Over 0.1Mitchell Starc to HDRLThirimanneNo runs ...

Over 0.2Mitchell Starc to HDRLThirimanneSingle ...

Over 0.6Mitchell Starc to HDRLThirimanneNo runs ...

Over 1.3 MG Johnson bowls a good length delivery to HDRL Thirimanne, no runs, prods across and defends it towards mid-wicket.

Over 1.4 MG Johnson to HDRL Thirimanne,  out Caught by Haddin!!  That was a nasty lifter, excellent bouncer from Johnson, very well directed as well. Thirimanne was hopping across, the ball followed him as he looked to arch back, doesn't get the gloves out of the way, the ball loops to the keeper. Thirimanne c Haddin b Johnson 1(5)