England vs Scotland 14th Match at Christchurch, 22 Feb, 2015

Toss: Scotland, who chose to field
England 303/8 (50)
Scotland 184/10 (42.2)
England won by 119 runs
Man of the Match: Moeen Ali
  • Iain Wardlaw 0 * (0)

Over 2.5JM Anderson bowls good length delivery to C MacLeod, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 10.1 Chris Woakes to Freddie Coleman, out Caught by Eoin Morgan! It was a fullish one from the bowler outside off, Coleman gets forward and drives it uppishly, ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Morgan at extra cover. He is very disappointed with himself. Coleman c Eoin Morgan b Woakes 7(16)

Over 11.4 ST Finn to Matt Machan, out Caught by Buttler!! It was a back of a length delivery from Finn that was wide of off, Machan hangs his bat away from his body and ends up feathering an edge to the keeper. Scotland in deep trouble. Machan c Buttler b Finn 5(7) 

Over 25.1Joe Root to PL MommsenHe is Caught ...

Over 26.3Moeen Ali to KJ CoetzerHe is Caught ...

Over 28.3 Moeen Ali  to RD Berrington,  out Caught by Eoin Morgan!!. Berrington takes couple of steps out of the crease and whips it in the air, picks out Morgan at short mid-wicket to perfection. Berrington c Eoin Morgan b Moeen Ali 8(13)

Over 33.5 ST Finn to JH Davey, out Caught by Buttler!! Finn has certainly put the horrors of the previous game behind him. He picks up his second wicket. It was back of a length outside off, Davey looks to force it off the back foot, can only manage an edge to the keeper. Davey c Buttler b Finn 9(15)

Over 37.1 ST Finn bowls it short of length to Matthew Cross, out Caught by Root! Full length delivery outside off, Cross goes for a drive away from the boady, the ball takes the outside edge and straight to Root at slip.

Over 41.6 JM Anderson to Alasdair Evans, out Caught by Buttler!! Full and in the corridor of uncertainty, Evans has to play at that, he stays in the crease and tries to defend, the ball grazes the outside edge and Buttler takes a good low catch. Alasdair Evans c Buttler b J Anderson 9(15)

Over 42.2 Chris Woakes to R Majid Haq, out Caught by Ballance!! It has been a comprehensive win for them, it was a short delivery, Haq takes it on, top-edges the pull towards fine leg, Ballance has eyes on the ball till the last second. Haq c Ballance b Woakes 15(24)