Ireland vs West Indies 5th Match at Nelson, 15 Feb, 2015

Toss: Ireland, who chose to field
West Indies 304/7 (50)
Ireland 307/6 (45.5)
Ireland won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: PR Stirling
  • JF Mooney 6 * (5)
  • NJ OBrien 79 * (60)

Over 1.5 KAJ Roach bowls it short of length to WTS Porterfield, Six!! Moves across in the crease and pulls it well over deep mid-wicket and the ball went over the ropes for a six.

Over 7.4JE Taylor bowls short of length delivery to PR Stirling, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

Over 16.3Andre Russell to EC Joyce Sixer! ...

Over 20.1 DJG Sammy bowls it flat in the air to EC Joyce, Six!! Comes on the front foot and launches it over the long-off fence for a maximum, great shot from Joyce.

Over 22.1 KAJ Roach bowls a quicker arm ball to PR Stirling, Six!! Just swings down the line and muscles it over the long-on fence.

Over 24.4 JE Taylor bowls it short of length to PR Stirling, Six!! Moves across in the crease and drags the pull to the deep mid-wicket fence, someone in the crowd tried to catch that with hand.