Ireland vs West Indies 5th Match at Nelson, 15 Feb, 2015

Toss: Ireland, who chose to field
West Indies 304/7 (50)
Ireland 307/6 (45.5)
Ireland won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: PR Stirling
  • JF Mooney 6 * (5)
  • NJ OBrien 79 * (60)

Over 44.5 KAJ Roach bowls a pitched up delivery to JF Mooney, 1 run, gets forward and flicks it pass mid-wicket.

Over 45.1 JE Taylor bowls a good length delivery to JF Mooney, no runs, gets forward and looks to run it down to the third man but misses.

Over 45.2 JE Taylor bowls a back of length delivery to JF Mooney, 1 run,  hops and tucks it to mid-wicket.

Over 45.4 JE Taylor bowls a pitched up delivery to JF Mooney, no runs, gets forward and punched to mid-off

Over 45.5 JE Taylor bowls it short of length to JF Mooney, Boundary! Goes back in the crease and  tries to pull, he was surprised by the pace on the ball as it came quickly onto him, the ball takes the top edge and flies over the keeper's head.

Ireland beat Pakistan in 2007, England in 2011 and now it's West Indies in 2015.

Stirling: Great to win that first game in the competition and hopefully we can make it two from two in a few days from now. I was happy with my innings. I owed the guys 90 runs after dropping Sammy on nought, so it was nice to get a few. I think it was a good toss to win. We got early wickets and the pitch got better and better as the day went on, thankfully we chased it.
Paul Stirling is the Man of the Match

Porterfield: It was a fantastic win. It's a great position to be in. We thoroughly believed in ourselves that we can chase this down. We knew it was a very good pitch. We knew it was a par score, it was a good pitch and we just needed a platform. Most definitely (when asked if Ireland can qualify for the quarters). We are going to play in completely different conditions.

Holder: It was a tough loss. We backed ourselves to defend 300. It was a good partnership between Simmons and Sammy. We tried to be a lot more specific in terms of our powerplay overs. I think we just need to be more precise when we set the fields and bowls to those plans