Chennai XI vs Kolkata XI Final at Dubai, 15 Oct, 2021

Toss: Kolkata, who chose to bowl
Chennai XI 192/3 (20)
Kolkata XI 165/9 (20)
Chennai Super Kings won by 27 runs
Man of the Match: Faf du Plessis

    Over 9.3 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Shubman Gill, no run, gets back in the crease and steers this with an angled bat to backward point

    Over 10.4 Shardul Thakur bowls a slower one to Venkatesh Iyer,  out Caught by Jadeja!! Iyer looks to carve it over extra cover but has sliced it in the air. Jadeja runs across, seems to have it covered, but then has to sort of dive to his left.

    Over 10.6 Shardul Thakur bowls a good length delivery to Nitish Rana, out Caught by du Plessis!! Rana gone first ball, chipping this straight to mid-off.

    Over 11.3 Josh Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Sunil Narine, out Caught by Jadeja!! Short of length around middle, he pulls it in the air and it goes flat to deep midwicket and Jadeja makes no mistake.

    Over 13.2 Deepak Chahar bowls a good length delivery to Shubman Gill, out Lbw!! Gill was across the line to access the fine leg region, misses and is hit low in front of off stump. 

    Over 14.5 Ravindra Jadeja tossed up delivery to Dinesh Karthik, out Caught by Rayudu!!  Karthik pulled pretty decently, just that he picked out deep backward square leg to perfection. Double fist pump for Jadeja.

    Over 14.6 Ravindra Jadeja bowls a quicker arm ball to Shakib Al Hasan, out Lbw!! Shakib was late on the flick and it struck him plumb in front of middle stump. 

    Over 15.4 Shardul Thakur bowls a good length delivery to Rahul Tripathi, out Caught by Moeen Ali!! Tripathi would have hammered that for 100m but he mistimes this high and straight to long-on.

    Over 16.3 Josh Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Eoin Morgan, out Caught by Chahar!!

    Over 19.5 Dwayne Bravo bowls a good length delivery to Shivam Mavi, out Caught by Chahar!! Mavi comes forward and pretty decently connected slog to this slower full delivery, but he holes out in the deep.