Mumbai XI vs Hyderabad XI 51st Match at Mumbai, 02 May, 2019

Toss: Mumbai, who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 162/5 (20)
Hyderabad XI 162/6 (20)
Match tied (Mumbai won the one-over eliminator)
Man of the Match: Jasprit Bumrah
  • Rashid Khan 0 * (0)
  • Manish Pandey 71 * (47)

Over 3.6 Jasprit Bumrah bowls a good length delivery to Wriddhiman Saha, out Caught by Lewis!  Saha gets low and tries carving it away through backward point, but fails to find the gap, picks out Lewis at backward point 

Over 5.1 Jasprit Bumrah bowls a good length delivery to Martin Guptill, out Lbw!! Angled in from a length and just beats the batsman for pace, Guptill went nowhere with his footwork and remained rooted to the crease. The Umpire raises the finger.

Over 7.1 Krunal Pandya bowls it flat in the air to KS Williamson, out LBW! Williamson premeditated the paddle and missed it completely, the ball struck him around the thigh pad in front of middle, it was going on to hit leg-stump.

Over 13.2 Krunal Pandya tossed up delivery to Vijay Shankar, out Caught by Pollard!!  Shankar goes after a floated up delivery and toe-ends the loft to long-on. Pollard moves a few yards to his right and takes it comfortably.

Over 14.3 Hardik Pandya bowls a good length delivery to Abhishek Sharma, out Caught by de Kock!! 

Over 19.4 Hardik Pandya bowls a good length delivery to Mohammad Nabi, out Caught by Suryakumar Yadav!! Nabi went for the loft over extra cover but he skewed it off the toe-end and offered a dolly of a catch to Surya Kumar Yadav.