Kolkata XI vs Bangalore XI 35th Match at Kolkata, 19 Apr, 2019

Toss: Kolkata, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 213/4 (20)
Kolkata XI 203/5 (20)
Bangalore won by 10 runs
Man of the Match: Virat Kohli
  • Dinesh Karthik 0 * (0)
  • Nitish Rana 85 * (46)

Over 11.1 PP Chawla tossed up delivery to Virat Kohli,1 run, gets forward and flicks it along the ground to long-on for a single.

Over 11.2 PP Chawla tossed up delivery to Moeen Ali, no run, presses forward and defends it down the pitch back to the bowler.

Over 11.3 PP Chawla tossed up delivery to Moeen Ali,Six!! Goes down on his knee and slogs it across the line over deep mid-wicket and the ball went all the way into the stands.

Over 11.4 PP Chawla tossed up delivery to Moeen Ali,1 run, gets back in the crease and nudges it through square leg and picks up a single.

Over 11.5 PP Chawla tossed up delivery to Virat Kohli,1 run, comes on to the front foot and punches it down to long-off for a single.

Over 11.6 PP Chawla bowls it flat in the air to Moeen Ali,1 run, makes room and thrashes it to sweeper cover and gets a single.