Delhi XI vs Mumbai XI 34th Match at Delhi, 18 Apr, 2019

Toss: Mumbai , who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 168/5 (20)
Delhi XI 128/9 (20)
Mumbai won by 40 runs
Man of the Match: Hardik Pandya
  • Ishant Sharma 0 * (0)
  • Amit Mishra 6 * (8)

Over 6.1Ishant Sharma to Quinton de Kock Bowled him! ...

Over 7.5Axar Patel bowls quicker and flatter in the air to Ben Cutting, he is struck on the pad and the Umpire has given that out LBW.Out LBW

Over 9.5Axar Patel bowls flighted delivery to Suryakumar Yadav, the batsman is short of his crease at the non-striker’s end and is Run Out! .Runout at the non-striker end

Over 15.1 Kagiso Rabada bowls a good length delivery to Suryakumar Yadav, out Caught by Pant!! Yadav plans to scoop it over the keeper. Takes the toe-end and flies to the right of Pant who adjusts nicely to pouch it safe on the dive.

Over 19.3 Kagiso Rabada bowls it short of length to Hardik Pandya, out Caught by Pant!! The pacer's ego was hurt. And he retorts with a bumper. Hardik Pandya is late on it and the ball scooped up for the keeper to take it.