Hong Kong vs Scotland 10th T20I at Nagpur, 12 Mar, 2016

Toss: Hong Kong, who chose to bat
Hong Kong 127/7 (20)
Scotland 78/2 (8)
Scotland won by 8 wickets(D/L method)
Man of the Match: Matt Machan
  • Matt Machan 15 * (4)
  • Kyle Coetzer 20 * (19)

Over 0.4 RJ Campbell bowls a tossed up delivery to George Munsey, Boundary! Gets latches onto it. Flashes it with a cut through extra cover, the ball raced away to the fence for four

Over 0.6 RJ Campbell bowls it flat in the air to George Munsey, Boundary! Goes across the line and works it down to fine-leg for four.

Over 1.3 Tanwir Afzal bowls it short of length to George Munsey, Boundary! Rock back and tonk it over deep mid-wicket, the ball just landing inside the rope.

Over 1.5 Tanwir Afzal bowls a pitched up delivery to George Munsey, Boundary! Walks down the pitch and chips it straight over the bowler's head and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 2.4 Nadeem Ahmed bowls a tossed up delivery to KJ Coetzer, Boundary! Gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over Nadeem Ahmed. One bounce and it runs away to the fence.

Over 2.5 Nadeem Ahmed bowls it short of length to KJ Coetzer, Boundary! Rocks back and pounces on it with a pull through mid-wicket for a boundary.

Over 5.4 Mark Chapman bowls it short of length to Matthew Cross, Boundary! Goes deep in the crease and pulls it hard to deep mid-wicket fence for four.

Over 6.3 Aizaz Khan bowls a good length delivery to Matt Machan, Boundary! Gets reaches out for it and swats it over mid-wicket. Almost carried all the way.