Sri Lanka vs West Indies 1st ODI at Colombo, 01 Nov, 2015

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to field
West Indies 159/8 (26)
Sri Lanka 164/9 (24.5)
Sri Lanka won by 1 wicket
Man of the Match: TM Dilshan
  • Suranga Lakmal 1 * (4)
  • BAW Mendis 21 * (20)

Over 4.5 Andre Russell bowls a good length delivery to TM Dilshan, out K Perera Run Out!! Dilshan pushes it softly towards backward point and sets off, Carter rushes forward, picks up the ball and fires an accurate throw to catch Perera well short.

Over 10.2 CR Brathwaite bowls it short of length to HDRL Thirimanne, out Caught by Ramdin!!  Thirimanne goes for the drive, plays away from the body and gets a thick edge, which is easily held by the keeper.

Over 12.5 CR Brathwaite bowls a good length delivery to TM Dilshan, out Caught by Ramdin!!  Dilshan tries to run it down to third man, it was too close to the body and edges it to the keeper.

Over 15.4 JE Taylor bowls a good length delivery to AD Mathews, out Caught by J Carter!! Mathews steps out and looks to slap hard over cover, gets a thick outside edge, third man dives forward and takes a good low catch

Over 18.1 SP Narine bowls a tossed up delivery to Milinda Siriwardana, out Caught by Brathwaite! Siriwardana advances and looks to loft, but doesn't get the height, mid-on moves to his left and takes a comfortable catch

Over 18.3 SP Narine bowls a tossed up delivery to Shehan Jayasuriya, out Bowled!! Jayasuriya was late on the dab and the ball crashed into the off stump. 

Over 18.6 SP Narine bowls a quicker arm ball to Milinda Siriwardana, out Bowled!!

Over 23.3 JL Carter bowls a good length delivery to Sachithra Senanayake, out Bowled!! Senanayake completely foxed. He was lazy in his attempted push down the ground and the ball took the inside edge before crashing into the middle.

Over 23.4 JL Carter bowls a good length delivery to SL Malinga, out LBW!