Mumbai XI vs Chennai XI Qualifier 1 at Mumbai, 19 May, 2015

Toss: Mumbai Indians, who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 187/6 (20)
Chennai XI 162/10 (19)
Mumbai Indians won by 25 runs
Man of the Match: Kieron Pollard
  • Mohit Sharma 3 * (3)

Over 1.4 MJ McClenaghan bowls a pitched up delivery to Faf du Plessis, Six!! Gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it beautifully over long-on and the ball went all the for Six.

Over 3.2 R Vinay Kumar bowls it short of length to MEK Hussey, Six!! Rocks back in the crease and  and helps it on its way, straight over the deep square leg ropes

Over 5.5 R Vinay Kumar bowls it short of length to SK Raina, Six!! Moves across in the crease and pulls it right from the middle of the bat, the ball went long-way in to the stands.

Over 8.3Harbhajan Singh bowls flighted delivery to SK Raina, gets forward and drives it straight down the groundSixer!

Over 13.2 Jagadeesha Suchith bowls a tossed up delivery to DJ Bravo, Six!! Comes down the track and heaaves it way over the long-off fence for a maximum.

Over 17.1 MJ McClenaghan bowls a good length delivery to RA Jadeja, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and smashes it over long-on for maximum.

Over 17.5 MJ McClenaghan bowls a good length delivery to R Ashwin, Six!! Gets to the pitch of the ball and  and sends it way back over the long-on fence.