Bangalore XI vs Punjab XI 40th T20 at Bangalore, 06 May, 2015

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to field first
Bangalore XI 226/3 (20)
Punjab XI 88/10 (13.4)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 138 runs
Man of the Match: CH Gayle
  • Axar Patel 40 * (21)

Over 0.4Mitchell Starc to MananVohraHe is Caught ...

Over 2.2 Harshal Patel bowls a good length delivery to M Vijay, out Bowled!! It was full and straight on the middle stump, Vijay comes forward and looks to play across the line but he  misses the ball crashes the middle stump.

Over 3.1 Harshal Patel  to GJ Maxwell, out Bowled!! It was angle across the off-stump, Maxwell goes for a pull on the back foot the ball beats the inside edge and hits the stumps.

Over 5.4S Aravind bowls good length delivery to WP Saha, and he is caught by the fielder in the infield.He is Caught

Over 5.6S Aravind bowls good length delivery to DA Miller, he has dragged that onto his stumps, what a bad feeling that it is! .Bowled him!

Over 7.1 S Aravind  to GJ Bailey, out Bowled!! Good length delivery swinging in, Bailey was looking to force it through the off-side and the ball goes through the gate and hits the stumps.

Over 8.2 Mitchell Starc to MG Johnson, out Bowled!! Full length delivery on the off-stump line, MG Johnson fails to connect and the ball crashes into the off stump.

Over 8.4 Mitchell Starc to K Anureet Singh, out Bowled!! This one was on a length and on the stumps, Anureet was looking to drive it down the ground, but fails to lay bat on it and the ball hits the middle stump.

Over 10.4 Mitchell Starc to Karanveer Singh, out Bowled!! Full and straight, Karanveer looks to drive it down to long-off, but can't connect. The ball crashes into the stumps.

Over 13.4 YS Chahal to Sandeep Sharma, out Caught and Bowled!! It was tossed up delivery on the off-stump, Sharma came down the tack and drives it wide of bowler, Chahal diving to his left and takes a good low catch in the end