Punjab XI vs Mumbai XI 35th T20 at Mohali, 03 May, 2015

Toss: Mumbai Indians, who chose to bat
Mumbai XI 172/3 (20)
Punjab XI 149/7 (20)
Mumbai Indians won by 23 runs
Man of the Match: Lendl Simmons
  • MG Johnson 8 * (4)

Over 0.2Sandeep Sharma bowls pitched up delivery to LMP Simmons, flicks it off his pads towards the fine leg region.Boundary!

Over 0.3Sandeep Sharma bowls half volley to LMP Simmons, leans forward and drives it gloriously past covers for a boundary.Boundary!

Over 1.3K Anureet Singh to LMP Simmons Boundary! ...

Over 2.4Sandeep Sharma to Parthiv Patel Boundary! ...

Over 3.2 K Anureet Singh bowls a good length delivery to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Goes back and across, clips it fine down to fine-leg fence for four.

Over 4.3 MG Johnson bowls a pitched up delivery to Parthiv Patel, Boundary! Goes across the line and clips it over mid-wicket and the ball raced away to the boundary.

Over 4.5 MG Johnson bowls a half volley to Parthiv Patel, Boundary! Leans into the drive, the timing is sublime and threads the gap past extra cover, no need to run for those.

Over 7.6 MG Johnson slips in a full toss to Parthiv Patel, Boundary! Moves across in the crease and whipped away behind square on the on-side for a boundary.

Over 8.3 Karanveer Singh bowls a tossed up delivery to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Gets to the pitch of the ball and smashes it straight down the ground for four.

Over 8.6 Karanveer Singh bowls it short of length to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Makes room and cuts it straight to backward point, the fielder allows the ball to slip through and it's a boundary.

Over 9.3 M Vijay bowls a tossed up delivery to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Gets forward and drills it sweetly past extra cover, no chance for the man getting across from long-off

Over 9.5 M Vijay bowls a tossed up delivery to Parthiv Patel, Boundary! Comes down the track, takes the ball on the full and lifts it back over the bowler's head for four.

Over 12.6 Karanveer Singh bowls it short of length to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Gets waits for the ball to spin away and cuts it past backward point and the ball races in to the fence for four.

Over 16.2 K Anureet Singh bowls a pitched up delivery to RG Sharma, Boundary! Gets down on his knee and swept it down fine-leg fence for four.

Over 17.2 MG Johnson bowls a good length delivery to RG Sharma, Boundary! Gets forward and goes for a big slog over the on-side, gets a thick outside edge and it goes fine past the keeper.

Over 18.4 Sandeep Sharma bowls a pitched up delivery to LMP Simmons, Boundary! Gets forward and  drives it hard, Vijay runs to his left from sweeper, he should have stopped it but his dive wasn't good enough.

Over 19.6 K Anureet Singh bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to AT Rayudu, Boundary!gets Moves across and plays a cheeky little reverse-sweep and sends it past the diving fielder at short third man.