Punjab XI vs Rajasthan XI 18th T20 at Ahmedabad, 21 Apr, 2015

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bield first
Rajasthan XI 191/6 (20)
Punjab XI 191/6 (20)
Match tied (Kings XI Punjab won the one-over eliminator)
Man of the Match: Shaun Marsh
  • Axar Patel 12 * (7)
  • MG Johnson 13 * (7)

Over 1.6STRBinny bowls good length delivery to M Vijay, the batsman is short of his crease at the batting end and is Run Out! .Runout at the non-striker end

Over 6.2 Rahul Tewatia to SE Marsh,  out Vijay Run Out!!   He dragged this one short and just outside off, Marsh rocked back and pulled it hard and back towards the bowler. Tewatia collects it and flicks it back at the stumps at the bowler's end.. Vijay run out (Rahul Tewatia) 21(18)

Over 8.4 Rahul Tewatia to GJ Maxwell, out Caught by S Smith!!  This was tossed up invitingly outside off, Maxwell was looking to play the swipe towards mid-wicket, gets underneath the ball, gets a lot of height and not the elevation. Smith runs back from mid-wicket, keeps his eyes on the ball and takes the catch.  Maxwell c S Smith b Rahul Tewatia 1(6)

Over 14.3 Pravin Tambe to SE Marsh, out Caught by Rahane!!  Marsh goes down on one knee and goes for the big slog sweep, he ends up getting a top-edge and Rahane from long-on runs in and takes the skier with ease. S Marsh c Rahane b Tambe 65(40) 

Over 16.6 CH Morris to WP Saha, out Bowled!!  Morris bowled this one right in the blockhole, Saha goes across and tries to play the scoop over short fine, He ends up getting some part of his bat on it but hits it straight into the stumps. W Saha b C Morris 19(8)

Over 17.5 Deepak Hooda  to DA Miller, out Caught by Binny!! Hooda tosses this one outside off, Miller lofts it inside-out over cover, but he can't clear the boundary. Binny at deep extra cover judges it well and takes the catch. D Miller c Binny b Deepak Hooda 54(30)