Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Sixers 26th Match at Sydney, 14 Jan, 2015

Toss: Adelaide Strikers, who chose to bat first
Adelaide Strikers 182/6 (20)
Sydney Sixers 159/10 (19.4)
Adelaide Strikers won by 23 runs
Man of the Match: J Botha
  • Nathan Lyon 3 * (4)

Over 3.4 DE Bollinger to TP Ludeman, out Caught by Carters!! It was on a length outside off, bit of extra bounce and that took the outside edge of the flashing blade of Ludeman. Easy catch for Carters. Ludeman c Carters b Bollinger 31(15) 

Over 9.1 SJN O'Keefe to Jono Dean, out Caught by Carters!!  Went a long way across outside off, tossed up healthily and Jono Dean got a top edge straight up in the air. Jono Dean c Carters b O'Keefe 13(12) 

Over 10.2 Sean Abbott bowls to Craig Simmons, out Caught by Carters!!  Slower delivery, the off cutter from Abbott, Simmons edges the drive and Carters takes his third catch of the day. Simmons c Carters b Abbott 46(34) 

Over 14.1 Nathan Lyon to Travis Head, out Bowled!! Lyon slows it up, but bowls it fuller, Head slog sweeps and misses, the ball clatters into the stumps. Lyon enjoyed that wicket. Head b Lyon 9(12)

Over 17.3 B Lee to J Botha,  out ten Doeschate Run Out!! 1 run completed. Sliced in the air, in front of the onrushing Abbott at sweeper, he fires in a rocket throw to the keeper, to catch the Dutchman short. ten Do wanted two and was late in getting back. ten Doeschate run out (Abbott/Carters) 26(20) 

Over 18.5 MC Henriques to Alex Ross,  out Lbw!!. Full and straight on the stumps, Ross swings and misses. Rapped in front of middle and the easiest decision for the umpire. A Ross lbw b Henriques 6(5)