Australia vs New Zealand Final at Melbourne, 29 Mar, 2015

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to bat first
New Zealand 183/10 (45)
Australia 186/3 (33.1)
Australia won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: James Faulkner
  • SR Watson 2 * (5)
  • Steven Smith 56 * (71)

Over 0.5 Mitchell Starc to BB McCullum, out Bowled!!  McCullum out for duck. New Zealand lose their first wicket very early.Inswinging fuller length delivery, nearly a yorker, Brendon McCullum stood rooted to the crease and was beaten for pace. The ball cannonned into the base of off-stummp Brendon McCullum b Starc 0(3)

Over 11.2 GJ Maxwell to MJ Guptill, out Bowled!! It spun back in from a short of length and cramped Guptill for room, on the punch, Guptill made room to play the stroke and the ball hits on the top of the off.Guptill b Maxwell 15(34) 

Over 12.2 MG Johnson  to KS Williamson, out Caught and Bowled! On a length and on middle and leg, Williamson was early into the flick and lobbed a dolly back to Johnson .Williamson c and b Johnson 12(33) 

Over 35.1 James Faulkner to LRPL Taylor, out Caught by Haddin!! Fuller length back of the hand slower delivery, it wasn't a bump ball, went straight off the edge and Haddin diving took it one-handed to his right.Ross Taylor c Haddin b Faulkner 40(72) 

New Zealand have taken their batting power play.

Over 35.3 James Faulkner to Corey Anderson, out Bowled!!  Full fast and straight on middle, Anderson was late on to the shot and the ball hits on to the stumps.Corey Anderson b Faulkner 0(2)

Over 36.2 Mitchell Starc to L Ronchi, out Caught by Clarke!!  Pitched up outside off, Ronchi went for a big drive and edged it, the ball was travelling and safely pouched by Clarke. Ronchi c Clarke b Starc 0(4)

Over 40.6 MG Johnson to DL Vettori,  out Bowled!! Full and sliding down, but tail involved, Vettori as is his wont, looks to clip to leg, all the time, this time the ball brushes the pad and goes onto hit the stumps. Vettori b Johnson 9(21)

Over 41.5 James Faulkner to GD Elliott, out Caught by Haddin!! It was a brilliantly disguised back of the hand slower delivery, Elliott early into the leg-side swipe and the thick outside edge looped to Haddin. He did all he could, but his lack of partners at the other end meant he had to go for it. Elliott c Haddin b Faulkner 83(82)

Over 44.5 MG Johnson to Matt Henry, out Caught by Starc!! Low full toss outside off, Matt Henry has somehow sliced that to cover-point. A very soft dismissal that. Matt Henry is cursing himself as he walks back. Matt Henry c Starc b Johnson 0(7)

Over 44.6 MG Johnson to TA Boult, out Southee Run Out!! It was pushed to him at a short mid-wicket position, he fielded and realised that Southee was out of his crease, rifled in a throw and hit direct. Southee was trying to get the bat in, then tried with his foot, both failed as Maxi was too quick.Southee run out (Maxwell) 11(11)